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17 June 2023

Have you thought about incorporating landscape lighting into your upcoming project but don’t know where to start?  Your backyard is your escape after a long day. It’s also where you spend time with family and entertain guests. When designing a comfortable outdoor space, you want to consider every element that helps create the perfect environment. Therefore, adding landscape lighting is essential as it allows you to sit outside at night while also drawing attention to carefully selected landscaping design elements and increasing safety and security. Here are five benefits that stress the importance of incorporating landscape lighting into your upcoming landscape project. 

Landscape Lighting lights up your outdoor space

A well-designed outdoor space is perfect for entertaining guests, spending quality time with family, or cooking a gourmet grilled meal. However, to maximize your investment, ensure that your patio and backyard can be used as often as possible. If everyone heads inside once the sun sets, you’re missing out on hours of nighttime enjoyment.  

Low Voltage LED Lighting is a very energy efficient safe way to illuminate the hardscaped and softscaped areas on your property.  Landscape lighting helps optimize your outdoor experience so it is usable at night and also has a welcoming, relaxing ambiance. You can install dimmable lighting fixtures that give you greater control over the brightness of your outdoor space to help set the right mood.  

Whether it’s quiet time with your significant other, entertaining guests, or simply highlighting features of your backyard, outdoor lighting adds a decorative aesthetic that can be mood-enhancing, decorative, or functional.  It is important to hire a lighting expert to advise you on practical lighting applications and provide you with recommendations. We are able to point out how it can be used to create exciting night effects that enhance the beauty of your garden for those perfect summer evenings.


Pathway lights between two concrete pathways



Landscape Lighting Illuminates Your Walkways and Paths

Installing landscape lighting impacts the aesthetic of your outdoor space and contributes to your property’s safety. Accidents happen no matter how often you’ve walked along your perfectly laid interlocking driveway, walkways, patios, or stone steps. So, when navigating your outdoor space at night, it’s important to easily see where you’re going. It is even more essential if you have a pool or ground-level water features such as a pond or waterfall.

You can’t rely on secondary light sources to illuminate your backyard. Instead, you want to cast light where needed along your stone paths, backyard patio, and steps. Proper lighting resolves issues, allowing you to control the amount of light on your property and address safety concerns like steps, level changes, slopes, etc.  


Low voltage flood lights enhancing japenese maple



Highlight Your Landscaping Design

Why invest time and money to design a beautiful outdoor space if people aren’t actually going to notice? Strategically placed landscape lighting gives you the opportunity to highlight the different features of your yard.  When using Energy-efficient solar lighting or Low Voltage LED posts to line the edges of paths and walkways, it guides your guests through the space while calling attention to the intricate stone design. The use of landscape lighting can create emphasis on certain areas of your yard, such as water features, statues, and trees. 

In addition to supporting your design aesthetics, landscape lighting can help outline property lines and create barriers to areas that are meant to be private. You aren’t restricted to lighting installation at the ground level. Instead, you can use overhead lights on porches, railings/posts on staircases, pergolas/gazebos, and even tree tops.

Statement lights make a lasting impression when guests visit your outdoor space while providing lovely views of your garden from inside your home at night. You can even use coloured lights to create a specific mood or to match the theme of your patio furniture.  Landscape lighting is a very affordable way to add a new design element to your outdoor space. Lighting designs are tailored to draw attention to your most-prized garden features, from fountains to arbours and trees to seating areas like stone benches and fire features.

LED Lighting in the middle of interlocking steps





Landscape Lighting adds Value and Enhances Curb Appeal

It’s no secret that exterior upgrades help increase your property value. You can raise your return on investment using well-placed lighting to highlight exterior upgrades such as interlocking patios, modern landscape designs, or focal points like a new porch or flower beds. Outdoor lights draw attention to your outdoor improvements, making them more dramatic. 

You also improve curb appeal by strategically placing your landscape lighting to showcase your home’s specific features and design elements. In fact, you don’t need to make upgrades and can instead use outdoor lights as an affordable way to accent unique architectural characteristics.

Soft, indirect lighting draws attention to your home without casting bright lights into your own or neighbouring homes. Lighting experts consider every aspect of your property and recommend lighting installation plans to enhance curb appeal without creating a spectacle that ruins the peaceful appearance of your street and neighbourhood.



Landscape Lighting Discourages Intruders and Theft

Intruders, prowlers, and burglars can target even the safest neighbourhoods. Therefore, it never hurts to be extra diligent about home security. Improved outdoor lighting helps to discourage unwanted visitors. Well-illuminated homes make it difficult for intruders to enter your property undetected, so they’ll move on to a less secure home. 

Criminals will be less likely to target your home if it creates an imposing presence with prominent lighting in the front and back yards. Landscape lighting can also deter vehicle theft on your driveway, so your home and vehicles are safe while you sleep.  

Lighting also keeps your home safer for your family and guests. Lighting experts examine every aspect of your property, looking for the riskiest areas that pose dangers at night, such as steps, uneven surfaces, or window wells. In addition, lighting areas such as driveways make finding your home at night easier, while pathways can help people enter and leave your home safely. 

Landscape lighting is a growing trend for homeowners wanting to add drama, highlight architectural features, or improve security and safety on their property. It is an affordable way to change the appearance of your home at night without investing in costly upgrades.

    Low Voltage LED Lights center to the porch and steps



Install Landscape Lighting With Our Help

Hiring the right contractor to assist you is extremely important.  The landscape lighting wires run under the interlocking walkways and patios and step and wall lights are built right in.   This means that when there is a faulty wire, a poor connection or an improperly installed fixture, you will need to dismantle sections of your patio or steps to find the issues. Fixing a problem can end up costing more than the entire lighting system cost to begin with.  Hiring the right company to install your lighting system with proper mapping of all wiring and fixtures allow you the ability to efficiently solve issues when they arise.  It’s very difficult to diagnose the root cause of an issue when mapping is not available which can lead to the system being rendered unusable. 

At Enviro-Loc, we train our staff to use industry best practices for all of your landscape lighting needs.  We offer a wide variety of landscape lighting options for every application.  All fixtures we use are low voltage LED lights which consume up to 80% less electricity than traditional lamps. We have flood lights to accentuate your shrubs, trees and features, we have pathway lights to add lighting to gardens, interlocking walkways or along fence lines and we have ledge lights that brighten up steps and walls not only making them safer, but also adding a finish like no other. For more information about our landscape lighting services or to schedule a free consultation with our landscape designers, call us at 1-888-615-5562 or Contact us here.


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