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1 March 2021

The long cold winter months can put a damper on our spirits and leave us dreaming about the summer to come. Now, with the warmer temperatures approaching and the snow melting, homeowners can once again start to envision a life outside their house. They can picture their gardens in full bloom, their bright green grass and their interlocking patio filled with family and friends. Most home owners hold onto these visions until the warmer temperatures actually arrive and then decide to reach out to landscaping contractors to help them with their interlocking patios. Little do they know that they have potentially missed the boat on getting a head start on their properties and may have to wait until summer to start the construction.

The flood of clients usually pours in around the middle of April, which is actually after most interlocking contractors have began their season. By this time, most reputable interlocking companies are booking well into the Spring and sometimes even into the summer. The best interlocking contractors will typically have a 4 to 6 week lead time if you’re booking with them in April. Customers hoping to get a jump, now have to get in line and potentially wait months to even get started on their backyard oasis.

We recommend reaching out to interlocking companies sometime in January or February to get started on the quoting process and building a design. This process can sometimes take a few days up to a few weeks depending on how many contractors you wish to contact. Most reputable interlocking companies will have good customer service and offer a quick turn around time that allows you to move through the process relatively swiftly. Most smaller interlocking companies and independent interlocking contractors are not quite as efficient and can have you waiting days or weeks between each correspondence.


Step 1: The Call

The process typically begins with a phone call between the prospective clients and our admin staff which allows for some discovery. We try to uncover some of the basic information during this call such as your phone number, address and a general idea of what you are looking to do. We will take some notes and depending on how the call goes, we either book you an in person estimate or set up a phone call with someone from our sales team.

Step 2: The Meeting

After step one is completed, an in person quotation will take place. A sales person visit your home to analyze your property and provide their insight into the future project. They will look at your current landscape, the contours of your property and find out what’s most important to you. From there they will take all of the information gathered during the consultation and work on building a custom proposal for you to review your future interlocking project.

Step 3: The Quote

Being that we are an environmentally conscious company, we have converted all proposals to digital format. With our advanced procedures, we have eliminated the need for printed material and catalogues as well as printed quotes and contracts. The sales person will email the proposal to you for you to review in the comfort of your home. Our proposals are very detailed and offer a wide variety of stone options and additional features. We have the ability to break the quote down into sections if you are not sure what will accommodate your budget. Our sales team is ready and excited to bring your vision to life.

Step 4: The Contract

We begin to work on an agreement after you have had a chance to review all of the information in the proposal and are ready to make a decision. We take all of the important information and insert it into a legal document that allows you to review the scope of work and clearly understand what will happen if you proceed with the project.It will outline everything from the areas being worked, designs, patterns, materials and colours, payment schedules, timelines and any notes that you felt were important enough to tell us. Once the contract is finalized, reviewed and signed, we can put you into our production schedule and book your project.

Step 5: The Communication

You have patiently waited for the commencement of your interlocking project and the time to start nearing. You will expect to hear from our office to inform you of more firm timelines regarding your project’s start date. The weekend before we plan to start, we provide all clients with an expected date that their project will commence in the coming week. This date is still a flexible date as the weather plays a large part in our production schedule and rain or extreme heat can cause unavoidable delays. The night before your project begins, we will send you one final message informing you of our expected arrival time the following day.

Step 6: The Project

Our team arrives at your property and the work begins. We have formatted our company to offer a specialist teams. We have dedicated teams for each stage of your project. We have excavation teams that arrive with all the proper equipment to ensure your property is dug correctly, efficiently and as neat and tidy as possible. We have install teams that are led by our top interlocking contractors and are trained and ready to bring your vision to life. We also have clean up teams that will ensure that the debris accumulated from the project is removed and your property is left in clean fashion once the project is completed. To read more on the interlocking installation process, please CLICK HERE.

Hopefully you have read this article in the winter months and can get a jump on your project. If not, it is never too late to let us start designing your backyard getaway. CLICK HERE to book a free consultation with one our experienced sales people and let us bring your vision to life.

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Talk To Us Today, Call 1-888-615-5562