A Guide to Today’s Modern Interlocking and Landscaping Designs

10 January 2024

Interlocking pavers offer an affordable, highly customize As interlocking contractors in Mississauga, we can developd look that elevates any outdoor space. They also provide a durable long-term design solution making interlock designs a wiser investment for your home. 

Suppose you’re considering hiring interlocking contractors in Mississauga for your next outdoor project. In that case, this guide explains everything you need to know about modern interlocking and landscaping designs. 

Linear Pattern Interlocking Paver Pool Deck

What is modern landscaping?

Modern landscaping incorporates clean, uncluttered design techniques and aesthetics using existing structures as inspiration. It involves a streamlined ‘less is more’ approach with clean edges to create a cohesive look.

Typically, modern landscaping embraces a clean, symmetrical design that creates a sense of spaciousness. Using modern design elements creates an ordered look that is “manicured” and calming.

Interlocking pavers are a common material for creating modern paths, staircases, driveways, and landings. They align perfectly with the contemporary aesthetic, providing the desired clean lines while allowing for a tailored design with various colours, textures, and styles. 

As interlocking contractors in Mississauga, we can develop a modern design combining pavers and other modern elements for a clean, cohesive look you’ll love.

Modern Patio Slab Pool Deck

What are the benefits of modern landscaping?

Modern landscape designs provide a range of benefits that can enhance the beauty, functionality, and sustainability of outdoor spaces, including: 

Multi Area Interlocking Patio with Low Maintenance Plants


Modern landscaping designs are ideal for homeowners who prefer a hands-off approach to outdoor maintenance. The crisp lines of simple interlocking stone materials create the desired minimalist look, so very few plants are involved in the design.

This design can include plants that thrive in hot, dry summers or a mix of other organic materials that require minimal attention year-round. As a result, you enjoy a very low-maintenance outdoor space.

Interlocking stone requires little to no weeding as we install it with a polymeric sand weed barrier. We also can add a special coating to protect pavers against the elements and fading to keep your interlocking maintenance simple, as it only requires re-sanding and resealing every few years.  

 Interlocking Driveway with Drain at the Bottom


Interlocking paver installation can include water-wise features such as rainwater collection fixtures or specialty plants that utilize greywater.

If you’re a serious composter, interlocking contractors can ensure your composting area is less invasive to your outdoor living space. 

 Connecting Interlocking Front Walkways with Steps


Modern landscaping provides endless customization possibilities for your outdoor space.  Interlocking pavers and slabs are manufactured and a variety of sizes, shapes and colours allowing you to incorporate any design elements required to achieve the modern aesthetic you have envisioned. We specialize in innovative modern designs that complement your home’s architecture and property layout. 

Modern Patio Slabs in Linear Pattern

How to Create the Best Modern Design

Unlike traditional outdoor designs, the minimalist look of modern landscaping calls for fewer varieties of plants in the design scheme. This approach maintains the simplicity of modern aesthetics, which calls for tidy flower beds with one or two plant varieties placed strategically throughout the space. 

Neutral colours and controlled growth and spread are at the heart of modern landscaping. Therefore, you should avoid plants with bright blooms, overly contrasting variegated leaves or trailing plants like ivies that will soften the crisp lines of your pavers. The placement of plants is an essential element of modern design. Be mindful that you want the edges to be as clean as possible without overgrowth that creates a messy look.

Also, ensure that your stonework patterns are straight and balanced without curves or winding pathways.  If you add geometric patterns, they should focus on rectangles, squares or clean lines instead of overly textured herringbone or circular designs.

Modern Patio Slabs With Fire Feature Under a Pergola

Modern Landscape Design Ideas

Trevista 50 Patio With No Furniture

Open Space

Open space landscape design ensures all the design elements connect effortlessly. For example, ensuring the plants complement the interlocking stone to achieve that formal, uniform look allows the plants to work with the stone instead of overcrowding it or outshining it. Each design aspect should contribute to a clean, uncluttered space without contrast or specific focal points.

 Modern Interlocking Stone Design Under Pergola

Utilize a Pergola

A pergola can add visual appeal with clean lines that don’t overpower your outdoor space. They provide partial coverage from the sun yet don’t interfere with natural light. They are less imposing than structures such as gazebos. Pergolas can also be camouflaged with vines, blending in naturally without adding clutter. 

Landscaping Lighting on Front Walkway

Be Strategic with Lighting

Although exterior lighting, such as pot lights, is gaining popularity, they can be invasive in a modern design. Since you are going for simplicity, keep things softer and less dominant in your outdoor space when installing lighting. Consider functionality when adding landscape lighting to enhance safety on paths and steps, using subtle lighting positioned low to the ground. 

Also, your minimalist design should be free of focal points, so using startling light to draw out the texture on garden walls or attention to trees goes against the rules of modern landscaping. Instead, keep lighting soft and consistent throughout your outdoor space.

Our team of interlocking contractors can recommend the type and style of lighting ideal for modern spaces.

Keep Hedges Trimmed

Keep Hedges Trimmed

Overgrown hedges and plants contradict the basic principles of modern landscaping.  Keeping your hedges trimmed in shapes that complement your other outdoor features will ensure the space always looks clean and precise.

Although hedges offer a natural wall for privacy, they also require more maintenance to align with the modern aesthetic.  While this is counterintuitive for low-maintenance gardens, consider another option if you want privacy, such as the streamlined look of a modern fence.

Interlocking Knee Wall with Pillars Around Fire Feature

Block off Sections

Organize your outdoor space with strategically placed interlocking walkways and landscaping elements.  Using plants to “block off” sections creates symmetry and visual separation for purposeful spaces with a specific function. 

In addition, interlocking stone pavers can also define where you place your dining furniture, lounging furniture, and outdoor cooking area, much like area rugs in open-plan interiors. 

Para 500 x 500 Modern Interlocking Walkway

Symmetrical Walkways 

To add creativity to your modern landscape design, consider placing interlocking pavers in symmetrical patterns.  Not only will this help you better organize your outdoor space, but it also creates visual interest. 

Please consult our interlocking brick installation contractors about the options for installing an impactful and distinct interlocking stone design.

How to Get Started

At Enviro-Loc, we believe that every outdoor space deserves to be functional, beautiful, and personalized to its owner’s unique vision. That’s why we offer complimentary free consultations to all of our clients, allowing you to meet with our landscape design consultants and discuss your ideas, goals, and budget. 

During the consultation, we’ll provide you with detailed information about our interlocking designs, including the types of materials we use, the installation process, and the maintenance required to keep your new features looking their best. 

If you’re ready to take the first step toward a better outdoor living experience, reach out to Enviro-Loc today. We’re available by phone at 289-270-6711 or by clicking here.  We’re always happy to answer your questions, provide advice, and schedule a consultation at your convenience.

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