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How to Design your Interlocking Patio

Planning your Patio When you are planning any new home improvement project you should do some research before contacting contractors. You should start by researching what materials and styles best suite your needs. There are so many options available when it comes to interlocking stones, so take your time to see what you like best to not overwhelm ...
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Best Time to Hire an Interlocking Company

The long cold winter months can put a damper on our spirits and leave us dreaming about the summer to come.  Now, with the warmer temperatures approaching and the snow melting, homeowners can once again start to envision a life outside their house.  They can picture their gardens in full bloom, their bright green grass and their interlock...
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The 5 Best Interlocking Contractors in Milton, ON

The top 5 interlocking companies in Milton are all lead by amazing teams of interlocking contractors.  They have built top tier systems within their interlocking companies to offer their clients the best customer experience, materials and services available to the GTA.  There are so many good interlocking contractors in Milton, but only a...
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How to Protect your Interlocking Stone in the Winter

With the colder temperatures approaching, your interlock paving will be put through rigorous conditions over the next few months. Interlock stones are developed to be able to withstand even the coldest of temperatures without any affect on their structural or cosmetic compositions. Although the cold temperatures do not affect the actual stones them...
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How to Install Interlocking Stones

At Enviro-Loc Interlocking Ltd, we start by contacting your local municipality to locate any underground utilities such as gas and hydro. Once we arrive on site, we mark out the interlocking areas with spray paint or string lines. We extend slightly larger than the agreed size to allow for potential grievances. Once the areas are marked and undergr...
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